Stylish, contemporary and always inspired by Dolce Vita

Favouring on trend colours and high quality fabrics, Latte specialises in creating distinctive pieces,
combining quirky details and artisan yarns to produce style that is both modern and timeless.

A British company, Latte is an exclusive boutique brand that designs and produces in Italy offering high quality clothing at affordable prices. Latte is committed entirely to the independent retail sector and does not sell on-line, does not have any concessions nor does it have any standalone stores. Latte is devoted to supporting independent retailers across the UK and Ireland by driving business back to its stockists through its stand out collections and strong marketing campaigns.

Latte was founded in 2003 after noticing a gap in the market for quirky tops and knitwear. Since its launch, Latte has gone from strength to strength and now offers a full collection of around 150 pieces. From its signature designs - that have become staples for its customers - to its stand out pieces, Latte is always determined to stand out from the crowd.

Forever inspired by the dolce vita era, Latte’s creative concepts have managed to continuously develop over the years. The brand works closely with its clients to ensure their visions coalesce and Latte has become known in the industry for its memorable design, use of high-quality materials and its constant pursuit of fresh inspiration. Combined with its continuous dedication to its clients Latte has made a strong name for itself as a boutique brand with a strong following throughout the UK and Ireland.